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Your horse's safety and comfort are our top priority.  Our caring and experienced staff are able to see to your every need.

Our facilities include:

  • All-weather sand/fiber outdoor ring

  • Sand/fiber dust-free indoor arena 

  • 900 acres of horse trails

  • Individual turn-out

  • Tack/Trunk Storage

  • Outdoor Wash Stalls (Indoor wash stalls coming soon!)

  • Picnic Area

  • Playground

Basic Board $1325 per month

Includes daily or overnight turnout

Premium Hay and Feeds

Bag Shavings

Custom feed schedule

Basic Blanket Changes

Premium Board $1545 per month

Newly renovated barn with large stalls

Stall fans

If your horse needs extra attention, or your schedule does not allow for daily visits, we have the following options:

Training Board $600 per month

3 interactions per week, as determined by trainers and management.  Includes training rides, longing, ground work.


Groom Service $600 per month

Custom blanket schedule

Hoof pick/leg rinse after turnout as-needed

Tack-ups/put-aways (groom, tack/un-tack, rinse-off as needed)

Administration of medications as-needed

Hand-walk as-needed



If your horse requires daily attention due to illness or injury

Hand walks, rehab riding

Price determined by individual’s needs


Medication Service $10 per day or $150-$300 per month

If your horse requires oral or injectable medications that are not able to be added directly to their feed.

Blanket service at a rate of $150 per month

If you feel that your horse needs a more custom blanket schedule, you can check in with us daily to determine proper blankets. We will add your horse to a list and they will be checked at feeding times, and at turnout rotation.

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