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We offer both English and Western styles of riding, as well as Ground Work training


Individual attention is vital when learning to effectively communicate with horses.  Beginner riders will spend a portion of their riding sessions in the barn learning basic grooming and safety before starting their mounted work.  

Private lessons are $105 per session and run for about an hour.  We also offer a shorter session of about 30 minutes for $80.


2-3 Riders, lessons are $80 per rider


Learning in small groups is extremely beneficial.  Not only is it a great way to meet people who share an interest in the horses, it also allows the rider to develop an eye for proper technique from horse and rider.  

Group lessons are appropriate for riders who are able to balance and control their horses at a walk and a trot, and are not recommended for total beginners.  

4-6 Riders, lessons are $65 per rider


We specialize in beginner Trail Lessons! Over the course of an hour you will learn some steering exercises and review safety protocols before heading on a relaxing walk through the woods with your instructor. This is available for 2 people at a time for $80per rider.  Private Trail lessons are $105. 

We would not offer trail lessons under the following conditions:

  • Heavy Rain

  • Heavy Snow

  • Extreme Heat

  • Icy/Slippery Trail Conditions


Ground Work 

Probably more important that the ability to sit on your horse is the ability to communicate effectively with them from the ground. Horses communicate through body language, so it is important to become aware of how your actions effect your horse.  Developing basic ground work and body awareness only makes the mounted sessions more meaningful and pleasurable for both horse and human. 

Ground Work sessions are also offered as Private, Semi-Private, and Group sessions.  Pricing is the same as the mounted sessions. 

Package Discounts

If you purchase a package of 10 lessons in advance you will receive a 10% discount.  You may use your package lessons at any time.  Packages are non-refundable.  Any un-used lessons can be transferred to a gift card which can be applied to any of our other services, such as our 4-week Beyond the Barn Door classes.


We try our best to work around your schedule, however space is limited and we do recommend that you try to commit to a standing weekly time slot.

24-hour notice is required for cancellations.  If you do not give timely notice we will charge you for your missed session.

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