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Saddle Club

This program is very exciting to us!

Our goal at DDR is to create a sense of community around horsemanship.  Caring for horses is such a special activity because people of all ages and abilities can participate, and because we are there for our horses we also end up being there for our humans as well! 


We will hold weekly meetings where we teach horsemanship and horse care.  


Participants will be assigned a school horse, or they can use their own horses.  During the week they will be responsible for grooming and maintaining their assigned horses.  At the meetings members will update the club on any physical changes or behavioral issues they observe when caring for their horses during the week.  

Beyond that we will attend various events as a group, such as:

  • Longines Masters Show Jumping

  • The Horse Expo

  • Clinics/Competitions on and off of Long Island

Members will also attend events on-site, such as presentations by various experts in the horse community:

  • Farriers

  • Veterinarians

  • Trainers

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Therapeutic Programs

  • Trail Clean-Up

For our young people Saddle Club can serve as preparation for a career in the horse industry.  Top show grooms travel the world with their horses, and experienced and capable horse people are always in high demand.  DDR Farm has access to top professionals in the industry, and we are very excited to develop our talented and driven youth.

$30 Per Session

Some special events may require additional fees.

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